Red Pony


 $30 per 100 pills

Tradition and historical use: For all types of contagious and febrile disorders, specifically inflammation of the lungs, colds and influenza. See description below.


The herbs in this formula have a historical useage for all types of contagious and febrile disorders. These are very small size round pills, similar in size to decorative cake sprinkles.

The herbs in this supplement are soothing to the lungs and known to help prevent and protect the body from infectious diseases. Traditionally used for inflammation of lungs and influenza. When those close to you have colds or flu’s you may use two pills as a prophylactic measure to protect against pathogens.

Tradition and historical use: Four pills once or twice a day with hot water. Use two pills as a protective against influenza.

Caution: No alcoholic beverages or meat should be taken when using this supplement.

Formula: Meconopsis grandis, rubia cordifolia, bambusa textilis, acontitum balfourii, oxytropis chiliophyla, carthamus tinctorius, saussurea lappa, musk, commiphora mukul, terminalia chebula, Inula racmosa, pterocephalus hookeri, swertia chirata, vermilion, euphorbia, herpetosplenium caudgerum.