Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coaching

 The consultation coaching session is designed to help you with your health and restoration of health issues and takes into consideration your current daily lifestyle routine, daily stressors, dietary habits, exercise and rest patterns and health concerns. A health restoration support protocol will be design specific to your humoural characteristics and health needs that supports and guides you through your health restoration process. Also provided are support monographs that will support your restoration process delivering insight and guidance on specific therapies and dietary suggestions, recipes, lifestyle modification options, breathing and meditation exercises, supplemental nutrient suggestions as well as specific Tibetan pill supplements according to the persons humoural health needs.

Remote Consultation Coaching Sessions

For those in distant locations a remote consultation coaching session is extremely affective and a great starting place for anyone who would like to begin upgrading their health and lifestyle habits. No prior knowledge of the Tibetan holistic system of health and healing is necessary because you will learn so much by engaging this ancient tried and true Tibetan holistic health process. A custom designed health protocol will be designed for you that is specific to your current humoural characteristics, organ health and health issues. Tibetan holistic life healing therapies not only teaches you self awareness techniques about your body and health, it also empowers your ability to understand the type of lifestyle adjustment best suited for you, diet recommendations to facilitate your body’s self healing abilities and will learn how to identify and respond to your bodies signals.

Our health is truly in our hands and empowering yourself with the knowledge to navigate your health is what you will accomplish with your custom designed Tibetan health and healing protocols. Click the link to make contact.

This initial consultation includes:

Careful examination of your health information.
• Humoural assessment & translation of your current health characteristics.
(Lhung-Vata, Tippa-Pitta, Bheygan-Kapha)
• Detailed intake and careful consideration of your specific current health concerns and healthcare goals.
• Detailed account of current daily diet and
daily routine.
• Tibetan pulse assessment (at physical
appointment). Remote sessions
require tongue images for analysis.
• Tongue analysis & translation.
• Detailed list of suggested dietary
• Detailed list of suggested lifestyle
• Support monographs and recipes
• Herbal suggestions and Tibetan pill supplement recommendations.
• A full detailed healing protocol will be

Common Issues Addressed:
• Digestive disorders
* Emotional disorders, anxiety / depression
• Detoxification and cleansing body & mind
• Weight loss
• Inflammation in any area of the body
• Autoimmune disorders
• Menstrual irregularities
• Hormonal balance
• Menopausal symptoms
• Impotence; low libido
• Arthritis
• Acne, eczema and psoriasis
• Anxiety and depression
• Insomnia and sleep issues & disorders
• Low energy and chronic fatigue
• Poor memory and concentration
• Nervous system disorders
* Neuropathy
* Prostatitis 
* Pancreatitis 
• Anti-aging
• Rejuvenation
* Many more, too many to list

Consultation coaching sessions available worldwide!
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