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Tibetan Pharmacy is an education site, we offer this information in the context of historical usage, the teachings of the Medicine Buddha augmented by current research. Information or products presented herein are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Please contact your family physician for any health concerns.

Tibetan Supplements Are Traditionally Made At Tibetan Medical Monasteries With Organic Botanical Ingredients.

Prayer is part of the process

While collecting botanicals, minerals and other materials, the Tibetan physicians make special prayers to the area, to the flowers and herbs before collecting them and only collecting a certain amount from each area and leaving the rest to grow and increase. Prayer Puja’s are done again upon leaving each area, making offerings, thanking the diva’s, the spirit of the herbs and flowers and local nature protectors. Once the botanicals are collected a series of prayer blessings are performed to protect and enhance their energetic spiritual qualities before, during and after the Tibetan pill formulas are made. The extensive formulation process synergistically integrates the healing properties of the six basic tastes, the eight potencies and the seventeen effects of the herbs, enabling Tibetan supplements to be affective in addressing disorders and diseases with no side effects.

Tibetan herbal pills traditionally range in size from small pea size to over a half inch wide and generally quite large and hard to swallow. The larger ones usually need processing by either crushing or soaking in boiled water before use.        
New technology allows for smarter use of the live plants used in the Tibetan pill supplements, creating extract concentrates using vacuum sealed temperature controlled chambers for temperature controlled extraction. The new extract method for making the  Tibetan pill supplements deliver a very pure dosage in a smaller round pill size, they are more bio stable because of this extract method and deliver a more consistent potency, thereby staying viably potent for a much longer period of time and with higher potency than the traditional dried herb powdered method of making the Tibetan pills and usually in a larger pill size.
To ensure high quality, the herbs and substances are tested using Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) and high pressure Liquid Chromatography before, during and after processing to make sure all the active components are present, intact and of the highest quality. This is a pain staking process and goes far beyond what was ever possible with making traditional Tibetan pills of past centuries up until only recently. This process is carefully thought out and the herbs are allowed the complex synergistic interactions, increasing their ability to be more easily absorbed and their effectiveness increased.
Many of the Tibetan pill formulas have not yet made the extract composition transition and are in their tradition larger dried powdered pill form and they may need to be crushed or soaked in hot water for a period of time to soften before for use. The next time you receive a Tibetan pill supplement and it is in a smaller round extract pill form with different dose instructions, it will be because that pill formula was made using the new extraction method. 
The Tibetan pill supplements are like no other on this planet, how they are collected and made is a process of extraordinary stewardship, skill, clarity of consciousness and compassion. 
The special Tibetan pill are prepared with mindfulness, compassion and intentional healing prayers by highly trained Tibetan medical Lama physicians and the pill supplements are believed to have a profound energetic healing affect on the physical, spiritual and astral aspects of the body, mind and soul. 
According to the Gyud Zhi known as The Four Medical Tantra’s of the Tibetan medical tradition, it was predicted that in modern times mankind will be afflicted by eighteen types of new malignant disorders. The Medicine Buddha prophesied that these and a large number of other contemporary chronic disorders would result from mankinds misconduct to the environment, cruelty and improper behavior to animals and each other and to the planet in general. These disorders would arise from unwholesome diet, from an abundance of chemical pollutants in food and in the environment. The antidote for these conditions is to be part of the solution. 
The Tibetan healing system is an intricate art and science of healing and restoration with a long history of use and adaptability, integrating new knowledge only after withstanding relentless testing and continued refinement and treatment effectiveness over the centuries. Tibetan holistic healing guild lines and therapies offer personalized carefully designed healing protocols to promote humoural balance and increased health. More about that here
Tibetan physicians Dr Yeshe Donden and the late great Dr. Tenzin Choedrak, as well as their patients, most famously HH the Dalai Lama, rely on Tibetan formulas such as Happiness of Mind, Agar 35, Bhim Mitra, Amla 25 and others to help manage the internal aspect of the three humours and navigate life’s currents with a happy mind, healthy body and calm spirit.

“Tibetan holistic healing is a comprehensive and an affective system of health care, which over the centuries has served the Tibetan people well and we wish to share its great potentialities and benefits for the health and happiness with all people in the word.”

H.H. The Dalai Lama

Agar 35, Happiness of Mind & Bhim Mitra

These three pill formulas support the body in establishing humoural balance & stabilize the rLhung

(Vata – wind – nerves).

My Dear Precious Thubten Lekshe,
I am so happy to receive your email. Also, it is really more amazing that you should think of me just when I was thinking to ask you to send more Tibetan pills of my Three Phase Healing protocol. I have told many of my students about your training and advanced skill and suggested they contact you for humoural health restoration.
I really like your full support treatment approach and use of the special Tibetan pill supplement formulas, it is really beneficial for me. If you would like to send some for me, I would like that very much. 
Kindest Regards,
Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche


“Agar 35, Happiness of Mind and Bhim Mitra can be taken by everyone to increase bliss and well being!”

~ Thubten Thargay

“I feel deeply comfortable in my spirit as a result of having used these formulas during retreat and times of stress, even intense concentration during work deadlines becomes more manageable.”

~ D. Royce

“I sleep more deeply in general and my meditation practice has deepened and my understanding of my mind has increased. I feel very thankful to have the assistance of these Tibetan pill supplements and the Tanaduk Center for Tibetan Holistic Health.”

~ M. Eisen

The Traditional Tibetan Formulas

The Tibetan Precious Jewel Pills

For strength, long life, resistance to disease

Instructions for the Tibetan Precious Jewel pills

Open the cloth or twisted paper covered pills taking care to not expose the pills to direct sunlight or bright lights, prepare in a very low lit room. Crush your Tibetan pill into a non metal cup and add a small (about 4 oz) amount of hot boiled water. Then cover the cup with a clean cloth and let it stand for at least four hours. Then add about 2 oz of hot water, stir the mixture in the cup with a non metal utensil and then drink the contents. Follow this by drinking / sipping a cup of hot water. Most people find it comfortable to take at bedtime and cover with warm blankets. The next day stay inside and have a day of rest and avoid contact with the outside world if possible.
When following the traditional Tibetan way of using the Jewel pills it is suggested that for a period of at least three days before and after taking the jewel pill one should avoid eating meat, eggs, raw vegetables and fruit, raw grain, garlic, fried, pungent and sour foods or alcohol. Refrain too from strenuous exercise, sexual intercourse and cold baths. No other medication should be taken on the same day.
The jewel pills are individually protectively wrapped in either twisted colored paper as they come from the medical monasteries for clinic use, or wrapped in cloth and boxed for commercial marketing.
Before, during and after taking the Tibetan pill it would be beneficial to repeat the mantra of the medicine Buddha.

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