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These Tibetan pill supplements are made at Tibetan medical monasteries in Amdo, Tibet, Bhutan, Siberia and Nepal and are made in small lots and made by two methods, the first is in the traditional way using the dry herbs and materials and then made into round pills. The second method uses the same materials but instead of drying the herbs and powdering them to make the pills they are extracted fresh in vacuum sealed heat control extraction chambers obtaining the highest level of potency, synergy and viability and then made into smaller pill size.

Many of the Tibetan pill formulas have not yet made the extract composition transition and are in their tradition larger dried powdered pill form and they may need to be crushed or soaked in hot water for a period of time to soften for use. If you receive the traditional larger Tibetan pills and the next time you receive the Tibetan pills and they are in a smaller pill form with different dose instructions, it will be because that Tibetan pill formula was made using the new extraction method. More about that is seen here.

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