Bhim Mitra also known as Vimala & Bimala


$45.00 for 50 pills

Tradition and historical use: Despondency, restlessness, nervousness, panic attack, anger, depression, poor concentration, forgetfulness. See descriptions below.


Tibetan herbal pill supplements excels at bringing the body’s energies into harmony, and thereby helping with such common complaints as many types of mood disturbances, phobias, nervousness, restlessness and sleep issues. Tibetan medical theory, depression and insomnia stem from the same source: a disturbance in the energy system of the body. These energies, known in Tibetan as rLung, should be centered and anchored in the belly region – the famous ‘hare’.

When brought back into alignment through the use of herbal formulas such as Bhim Mitra, Agar 35 and Happiness of Mind pills, the result is an empowered, focused, relaxed and calmer state of mind. Chronic problems like insomnia and anxiety are reduced and sometimes disappear entirely. One feels more in control and thus, able to deal with life’s turbulence.

The Tibetan supplements Bhim Mitra, Happiness of Mind and Agar 35 are among those that help regulate wind (Lhung/Vata) energy in the central channel and heart chakra.

Bhim Mitra might be described as the meditator’s supplement of choice and for those wanting to maintain a calm cool disposition. Bhim Mitra is an excellent natural herbal support for those who are maintaining a yoga and meditation practice, where vata or “rlung” disturbances can be an issue. In addition to this, since Bhim Mitra assists the regulation of the wind (Lhung) chi in the central life channel and the heart and heart chakra, it is an excellent aid for supporting a calm spirit, sense of well being and restful sleep. Bhim Mitra plays an important role in supporting a positive mood and setting a positive trajectory for your day.

Tradition and historical use: 1 to 2 pills one to three times a day as needed or as advised by your holistic health care provider. Can also be used in combination with either Happiness of Mind or Amla 25.

The Formula includes: Myristica fragrans, Terminalia chebula, Shorea robusta, Aquilaria agollocha, Carex Sp., Ferula jaeschkeana, Bambusa textiles, Amomum subualtum, Elettaria cardamomum, Eugenia caryphyllata, Carthamus tinctorius, Carum Carvi, Santalum album, Ptetrocarpussantalinus, Terminalia belerica, Emblica officinalis, Meila compsoita, Allium sativum, Geranium sp.