The Great Precious Cold Compound Black Pill


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Tradition and historical use: For food, metal and chemical poisoning as well as illness caused by environmental pollution. Full Description Here.

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The herbs in this precious Tibetan pill supplement is traditionally and historically been known to be helpful for all chronic diseases, including chronic fever, contagious fever, gastro-intestinal cramps, allergies, arthritis, blood diseases, and nerve problems. In addition it is proven effective for Bad-kan sMugpo, a chronic and complicated hepatic gastro-intestinal disease, characterized by a simultaneous involvement of rLung, mKhris-pa & Bad-kan. In particular, it is helpful against all types of food, metal and chemical poisoning, as well as illness caused by environmental pollution. It also helps to provide strength for the major organ systems and bone structures. A healthy person can take this pill as a general tonic.

Tradition and historical use: one pill every 3-7 days

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Five for $58.00, Ten pills for $108