Agar 8 also known as Eaglewood 8


$45.00 per 50 pills
Tradition and historical use: Neuralgias, spasms, ticks, tremors, headache. See descriptions below.


The herbs in Agar 8 are known to dissipate and move accumulation of Lhung in the heart, the blood and the lymphatic and hepatic portal systems and digestive system. Stimulates movement of chi through the parasympathetic nervous system, hepatic and cardiac systems. This formulas has many applications and can be used in combination with other Tibetan supplements to affect an even wider variety of disorders.

The ingredients in this supplement have historical use known to be helpful for severe neurological disorders ranging from ticks, tremors to aphasia, apraxia, neuralgias, Parkinsons and hepatic and cardiac disorders (liver & Heart). However that is not all, besides supporting the liver and heart, the synergy of the formula also increases chi distribution and body heat, it strengthens, relaxes and supports smooth muscles action. It has anti allergic properties and the herbs of the formula have a known history of support to the lungs, heart and kidneys. Agarwood increases appetite by acting on gastric juices and liver functions. The ingredients are known to help abdominal distension and with releasing wind from the intestines. Thus, it also reduces abdominal pain and cramps that occur due to excess gas in the alimentary canal. Other properties are that of being a digestive stimulant, anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, analgesic, muscle relaxant, anti tubercular, antihistaminic and has aphrodisiac actions.

Tradition and historical use: is two pills once a day in the a.m. or p.m. Can be used twice a day as needed.