Cliff Garuda Pill


$45 per 50 pills

Tradition and historical use: The herbs in this formula have a history of use for reducing hemorrhoids, pain in organs of the gut, antipyretic, abdominal distention – bloating, prolapse organs. See description below.


This is an affective supplement and the ingredients in this supplement have been known to be helpful for pain in the stomach and intestines, damp heat, abdominal distention-bloating, prolapse organs and of anus, blood in stool, constipation and malodorous loose stools and burning rectal pain, hemorrhoids, rectal prolapse, anal fissure, anal fistula, rectal bleeding, ana pruritus, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis. Constipation or incomplete sensation following bowel movements, and can be malodorous loose stools.
Tradition and historical use: 2 to 3 pills, one to three times a day as needed or as advised by your holistic health care provider.
Formula: Mineral pitch conc., Succinim resin, ellataria caromomum, T. Chebula, carthamus tinctorius, Granium sp., Nardo stachys jatamansi, commiphora mukul, Panax notoginseng rt., acorus calamus, Coptis C. Rhz., Cyclina sinensis shell.