Grass Rope 16


$45 per 100 pill packets

Tradition and historical use: Pain in the testes, kidneys and hips, benign prostatic hypertrophy, erectile dysfunction.


The herbs in this supplement are known to be helpful for pain in the testes, kidneys, pain in lower abdominal, inguinal and perineal pain, pain in hips, urinary bladder disorders, numbness in the legs, swelling of the knees (bursitis) swelling of the testes, inflammation of the urethra. The herbs have a historical usage and are known to strengthen the kidneys, increases chi and circulation, drains dampness and alleviate pain.

Other Biomedical applications include: Chronic nephritis, cystitis, polycystic kidneys, urinary track infection, hematuria, sexual dysfunction, infertility, low libido, incontinance, inguinal hernia, benign tumors, nocturne, benign prostatic hypertrophy, elevated PSA, erectile dysfunction, varicocele and hydrocele.

Tradition and historical use: 6 pills, one to three times a day. In severe presentation of symptoms the dosage can be increased to 6 to 8 pills every four hours then reduce to lower dose as symptoms reduce. Or as instructed by your health care provider.

Formula: Iris ensata, rubia cordyfolia, thlaspi arvense, veronica ciliata, macuna prurita, caesalpina bonducella, eugenia jambolana, datura stramonium, verbascum thapsus, elettaria cardamomum, onosma hookeri, cupressus torulosa, terminal chebula, herpetospermum caudgerum, inula helenium, corydalis yanhusuo rhiz.