Deep Forest Healing 3 oz.


When healing & restoration is needed this skillfully crafted tea delivers deep healing support to the blood, adrenals, lymph, immune, digestive, nervous & organ systems.


Enjoy this tasty tea when feeling depleted, low vitality, stressed with poor sleep, overstimulated & restless with despondency.
It also relieves disorders in the organs of the gut, lungs, heart, liver and blood. Using Papaya lf, fennel, peppermint, raspberry lf,
red clover, rosehips, yellow dock rt, burdock rt, cinnamon & buckthorn bk, licorice rt, Cedar lf, barberry, lemon & orange peel, hibiscus,
kusum stamens, milk thistle seeds, wild cherry bk, cloves, & sarsaparilla.

Use: 1 tablespoon per cup boiling water, steep 5 to 10 min.