Herb Monograph – Valeriana alternafolia L.

Tibetan: Banboi  English: Valeriana alternafolia L.

Traditional Uses: The root and rhizome are used and the taste is bitter and the potency is cool and light and used in formulas for treating persistent fever, poisoning, tumors, hypertension, heart disease and much more.  It has sedative effects, alleviates pain and reduces blood pressure. It is an ingredient in the following traditional prescriptions: Agar-11, Ar ur-7, Gavur-9, 25, Gagol-18, Gurgum-8, Delmanmar, Tsarvon-15, Shinjud-21. 

Bioactivity: Sedative, spasmolytic, anti tumor, antibacterial and anti-arrhythmic.

Tibetan herbal pills traditionally range in size from small pea size to over a half inch wide, generally quite large and hard to swallow. The larger pills usually need processing by either crushing or soaking in boiled water before use.         
The Happiness of Mind, Agar 35, Gentian 15, Great Crystal Moon, Vajra Like Eliminator, Black Medicinal Myrobalan, Amla 25 and several other Tibetan pill formulas seen here https://tibetanpharmacy.com/product-category/traditional-tibetan-fill-supplements/  These are now being made with a superior extract method and the result is increased potency and the pills being more bio stable (stays potent longer than dried form) and are smaller, easier to swallow. This extract method uses vacuum sealed temperature controlled chambers for extraction and then made into a smaller pill form. 
By using the plant ingredients as per tradition and making them into extract concentrate pills, allow these extract pill supplements to deliver a very pure consistent dosage in a smaller pill size, and staying viably potent for a much longer period of time than the traditional dried herb powdered method of making the Tibetan pills into the traditional larger pill form.

Many of the Tibetan pill formulas have not yet made the extract composition transition and are in their tradition larger dried powdered pill form and they usually need to be crushed or soaked in hot water for a period of time to soften for use. The medical monastery in Amdo Tibet was one of the first to use the modern extraction methods, this is now being done in the oldest Tibetan medical monastery which is in Siberia. 

 TibetanPharmacy.com will sometimes have both versions in stock but most likely it will be one or the other. If when you receive the traditional larger Tibetan pills and then the next time you order and receive the same Tibetan pill formula and it is in a smaller pill form with different dose instructions, it will be because that formula was made by extraction method. 
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