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Spiritual Alliance With Plants is a Naturally Occurring Spiritual Relationship

A spiritual alliance with plants defines the relationship we can have with them and with that spiritually connected alliance naturally issues forth the understanding that plants are spiritually endowed with healing energy and as such are spiritual foods that nourish and heal. This respectful relationship is at the core of the spiritual traditions of Sowa Rigpa as taught by Bhaisajyaguru – Sangye Menla or more commonly called the Medicine Buddha. Sangye Menla’s Sutra is Bhaiṣajya-Guru-Vaiḍūrya-Prabhā-rāja Tathagata Sūtra and are the Buddhist spiritual practices of Sowa Rigpa and as spiritual practices are protected as such under Federal Constitution”, “Federal Constitutional Provisions – Amendment 1 and Amendment 14 and under Amendment 34 of the Constitution of the State Washington.”

Orcas Herbal Apothecary and TibetanPharmacy.com are aligned with indigenous plant knowledge and spiritual precepts and teachings of the Medicine Buddha devoted to health, healing and wellness. They provide goods and services that are consistent with the ideals and spiritual beliefs of the Buddhist Medicine Buddha’s Sowa Rigpa and its traditional use of plants as food for healing. It is not necessary to accept the beliefs in order to avail oneself of the goods and services provided by TibetanPharmacy.com or Orcas Herbal Apothecary. These are offered irrespective of belief or religion. We support freedom of belief and freedom of choice in choosing natural health and wellness through living with respect to the Earth and natural plants provided for us and believe that it is vital for individuals to live in accordance with their faith and spiritual understanding. Failure to do so leads to depression and causes a schism to arise between the “real” and the “ideal.” The choices that relate to walking one’s Path often necessitate delving deep inside to discover the importance or lack thereof of principles that individuals purport to embrace. Where plant products are concerned no claims are made as to the therapeutic superiority or effectiveness of what is provided. The plant foods and/or plant formulae are offered in the hopes of and with prayers for healing. The formulas are produced in accordance with historic and traditional precepts of Native American traditions and Tibetan spiritual science of the Medicine Buddha and the plants used and ow they are combined for specific healing are very much part of these spiritual practices and tradition.

Orcas Herbal Apothecary and TibetanPharmacy.com exists to provide a spiritual high vibe plant based service. Those who wish to benefit by the services should consider carefully how suitable the services are to their particular beliefs and needs. We support the freedom to choose what is acceptable to the beliefs of each individual but we assume no responsibility for the outcome of choices made by anyone exercising this freedom. It is the responsibility of the person and those closest to the person to evaluate the spiritually based products and services in relationship to the person’s life and needs. We recommend that people periodically assess their responses to their chosen treatments and that they consider changing to other belief traditions if their responses are not sufficiently hopeful to warrant continued efforts. Please enjoy this wonderful offering of skillfully combined plants to nourish and heal.