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Use: all diseases and poisoning, paralysis and cancer

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This pill is an antidote. It acts against the effects of all kinds of poisoning including that of food, plants, insects, animals and chemicals. It is also useful in relieving the harmful effects from over exposure to sunlight. It is beneficial in treating hemiplegia, paralysis, rigidity and contraction of limbs, and lame and dislocated joints. It also helps with all types of nerve disorders with symptoms such as trembling and numbness in the body, persistent urination, difficulty in opening and closing the eyelids, and neuralgic pain. The pill can also be used for conditions of sensory impairment such as deafness, the loss of smell, bodily pressure, heart ailments, blood clots, ulcers and primary cancer cases. A healthy person can take this pill as a general tonic.

The biomedical applications include: dermatological and neurological diseases, paralysis, acute pain, hypertension, involuntary defecation and urination, cardiac disease, chronic pulmonary disease, internal and external abscesses.

Use one pill every 3-7 days

Use: all diseases and poisoning, paralysis and cancer

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$15.00 per pill, 5 pills for $70