Immunity Tea 4.oz


Using roots of marshmallow, coptis, andrographis P. ginger, yellow dock, turmeric, devils claw, burdock, dandelion, barberry, licorice, and red clover blossoms, lemon & orange peel, bacopa, pau de arco, rosehips, milk thistle, wild cherry Bk. cinnamon, papaya, and hibiscus.


This is an effective tea formula that kills bacterial and viral pathogens, protects the blood and works to detox and support the blood by supplying nutrients needed to build healthy white blood cells and protect them from the toxins they ingest, this is a mighty infection fighter and is loaded with infection fighting powerhouse herbs. It is Anodyne, Anti-inflammatory, Antibacterial, AntiTumor, AntiViral, AntiFungal, Antibiotic, Digestive and more.

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Weight 4 oz