Tibetan Precious Jewel Pills

For strength, long life, resistance to disease

Instructions for the Tibetan Precious Jewel Pills

The traditional large jewel pills are individually protectively wrapped in either twisted colored paper as they come from the Tibetan medical monasteries for clinic use, or wrapped in cloth and boxed as they are for commercial marketing. These special jewel pills are now also being made with the extract process making them more viable and bio stable. These will be packaged in 100 and 200 pill packages instead of the current 50 pill packages and the dosages will be also different and stated on every label. The 100 extract Jewel pills are smaller and will not be individually wrapped however they will be in a light shielded and heat sealed package.

Open the cloth or paper covered pills taking care to not expose the pills to direct sunlight or bright lights, and prepare in a very low lit room. Do the same with the extract jewel pills if you receive those. When using the traditional larger pills you may put the Tibetan pills into a non metal cup and add a small (about 4 oz) amount of hot boiled water. Then cover the cup with a clean cloth and let it stand for at least four hours. Then add about 2 oz of hot water, stir the mixture in the cup with a non metal utensil and then drink the contents and the pill. Follow this by drinking / sipping a cup of hot water. Most people find it comfortable to take at bedtime and cover with warm blankets. The next day stay inside and have a day of rest and avoid contact with the outside world if possible. When using the extract smaller jewel pills you do not need to soak and can take immediately with hot water.

When following the traditional Tibetan way of using the jewel pills it is suggested that for a period of at least three days before and after taking the Jewel pill one should avoid eating meat, eggs, raw vegetables and fruit, raw grain, garlic, fried, pungent and sour foods or alcohol. Refrain too from strenuous exercise, sexual intercourse and cold baths. When possible, no other medication should be taken on the same day.

Before, during and after taking the Tibetan pills it would be beneficial to repeat the mantra of the medicine Buddha. Taya Ta Om Bhekandzi Bhekandzi Maha Bhekandzi Radza SamunGate Soha.

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