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For two thousand years Tibetan, Ayurvedic and Chinese physicians have given great thought to the practice of holistic healing.
Looking into the history and evolution of the Tibetan holistic healing tradition we find not only extensive information on botanical formulas and treatment but also a vast knowledge on how these botanical supplement pill formulas are prepared, made into pill form and their use.

The history and evolution of Tibetan Pill medicines

The Tibetan pills are prepared at the Tibetan medical monasteries of Tibet, Siberia, Nepal, Bhutan and India by highly trained botanical research specialists and Tibetan physicians. The Tibetan physicians who collect these rare botanicals spend three to six weeks of each collection season hiking into the remote mountain areas where these botanicals are found growing free of pesticides or industry.

While collecting botanicals the Tibetan physicians make special prayers to the area and to the flowers and herbs before collecting them and only collecting a certain amount from each area and leaving the rest to grow and increase. Prayer Puja’s are done again upon leaving each area thanking the herbs and flowers and local nature protectors. Once the botanicals are collected a series of prayer blessings are performed to protect and enhance their energetic spiritual qualities before, during and after the Tibetan pill formulas are made.

It is a great blessing that these natural healing supplement medicines are still being made in this traditional way and by the highly trained Tibetan physicians.
In fact we are fortunate even to know about these precious Tibetan pills and to have them available to us in the West is a huge blessing. These are like no other on this planet and how the pill ingredients are collected and made is a process of extraordinary stewardship, skill, clarity of consciousness and compassion.

According to the Gyud Zhi known as The Four Medical Tantra’s of the Tibetan medical tradition, it was predicted that in modern times mankind will be afflicted by eighteen types of new malignant disorders. The Medicine Buddha prophesied that these and a large number of other contemporary chronic disorders would result from mankind’s misconduct to the environment, cruelty and improper behavior to animals and each other and to the planet in general. These disorders would arise from unwholesome diet, from an abundance of chemical pollutants in food and in the environment.

Our clinic’s botanical area, one of four areas filled with Himalayan herbs and Tibetan formulas.
Over forty years ago Amchi Thubten Lekshe of The Tanaduk Botanical Research Institute recognized that these issues were already apparent and on the increase.
The convenience of use of the Tibetan pill supplements, availability of botanical ingredients, their quality along with the method of formulation, all needed appropriate consideration when thinking about increased demand. In 1974 he began establishing relationships with all of the Tibetan medical monasteries and contemporary botanical manufacturers where traditional formulation considerations were taken seriously and respectfully while utilizing state of the art methods of processing and having more stringent quality controls than in past decades.

Tibetan herbal pills traditionally range in size from small pea size to over a half inch wide and generally quite large and hard to swallow. The larger ones usually need processing by the patient by either crushing or soaking in boiled water before use.

Amchi Thubten Lekshe found that people had a much easier time using these special Tibetan supplements when the pills were smaller. In 1976 he found a brilliant way of keeping the potency high and the pills even more bio stable. Using the plant ingredients as per tradition and making them into extract concentrate, using vacuum sealed temperature controlled chambers for extraction and then made into a smaller pill form. These extract pill supplements deliver a very consistent and pure dosage and in a smaller pill, with more bio stable potency, meaning they stay viably potent for a much longer period of time than the traditional dried herb powdered method of making the Tibetan pills into the larger traditional pill form.

Many of the Tibetan pill formulas have not yet made the extract composition transition and are in their tradition larger dried powdered pill form and they may need to be crushed or soaked in hot water for a period of time to soften for use. If you receive from an Amchi or order the traditional larger Tibetan pills and the next time you order and receive the same Tibetan pill formula and it is in a smaller pill form with different dose instructions, it will be because that formula was made into the extract version.
Our center clinic has been using both forms for many years and love the extract versions.

To ensure high quality, the herbs and substances are tested using Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) and high pressure Liquid Chromatography before, during and after
processing to make sure all the active components are present, intact and of the highest quality. Though this is a pain staking process and goes far beyond what was ever
possible and done with traditional Tibetan formulas of past centuries, added to that the herbs are allowed the complex synergistic interactions tradition prescribes, increasing
their ability to be more affective, more easily absorbed and their effectiveness increased.

Great care is taken to ensure that the delicate essential oils and bio active nutrients are not lost in the extracting process. Depending on the herb or part of the plant used, temperatures are adjusted and maintained between 80 and 108 degrees celsius using strict hygienic standards. They are extracted in vacuum sealed chambers that allow for precise control over the temperature and retaining all the essential oils and bio active components, creating consistent extract concentrates of 5:1 potency into a smaller easier to use pill form.

The special healing Tibetan pills are not merely herbal supplements, but actually alchemical energetic medicine at its best. The special healing pill formulas are prepared with mindfulness, compassion and intentional healing prayers by highly trained Tibetan medical Lama physicians and the pill supplements have a profound healing affect on the physical, spiritual and astral aspects of the body, mind and soul.

🎋I am visualizing you in perfect health with a happy mind and joyous heart 💗

🌺 Amchi Lekshe La

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